Thank you

Here is the place to say thank you to Brother Joseph Thamby.


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  1. I am very thankful to Brother Joseph Thamby for all his help during many of my tough times. I started this site to show my gratitude and to share my faith. I had visited shrine couple of times since year 2000. These are the photos from my recent trip on April-20-2009. He baptized my wife’s grandmother Agnesamma. She told that he is very great man and words are not enough to prize his works. I too feel the same. Mrs. Agnesamma passed away in the year of 2008 and buried in shrine premises. I am thankful to Jesus for sending such great people to share his love with all of us.

    Thank you,
    Bhavani P Polimetla

  2. Fr.Praveen Kumar says:

    Dear Bhavani Polimetla,

    Greetings from Fr. Praveen Kumar. I am surprised to see the website you have created on Thambi. Infact i am in Ponidchery in search of the history of Thambi and for his baptism certificate. I am a capuchin priest and we are working for the beatification of Thambi. Infact my family is converted by thambi. I am from Boyapati family. If you can mail me i can be in touch with and we can do colaborative work. Expecting your reply soon.

  3. john antony says:

    Praise the lord.
    may God bless you for all the efforts you made to make known about the humble man of Avutapalli. Please do continue this blessed ministry. I have some recent photos of the museum and other events occured within the premises of Joseph thamby shrine. i can send them to you if you want upgrade it
    God bless you
    thank you

  4. Dear Bhavani P polimetla,
    Greetings in the name of Br. Joseph Thamby, humble man of Avutapapally. I am happy to find this website. This shows your love to Br. Joseph Thamby. I worked in as Assistant Parish Priest for a short time and I learned a lot from the life of Br. Joseph Thamby.
    I take this occasion to thank you whole heartedly for making this web so live as to make Br. Joseph Thamby alive. Let us pray earnestly that soon he shall be raised to the altar.

  5. Maria Joseph Leonard says:

    Dear Bhavani,


    I had been to Bro.Joseph Thamby’s Tomb on 6th Nov 2010
    along with Fr.John Peter (HGN)and my family, wife Glory,
    daughter Maria and Mother-in-law Regina.

    We got a spine chilling thrill when I drove our car
    inside the premises. Moreover while praying near his
    tomb placing our hands, we felt our hands stuck to his
    tomb. I cannot explain the experience we had then.

    Infact, in our generation, we have already met and
    received blessings from a nun Sr.Rosy (Cloistered Nun) of Carmaliet Convent, Tanjore, who has stigmata
    like Bro.Joseph Thamby.

    We are really blessed to visit his tomb.

    We started praying for his beatification and continuing.

    After the visit to his tomb, we had brought mud from
    his tomb. My wife had stomach upset, may be due to
    travelling n moreover end of her periods. She mixed the mud in Holy water blessed by Fr.John Peter and drank.

    PRAISE THE LORD… the pain and the nausea feeling
    and uneasy feeling just vanished like that.

    If you want any further details. pls get in touch.

    I can send you the photos of Sr.Rosy…

    +91 98405 56960

    • Elias Chandra says:

      Sir. I felt the same at the tomb. Bro. Thambi visited my grandfather house and play with my father when my father was just one year old. My grandfather was a catechist and poor. But my father became prosperous due to bro. Thambi. I started visiting his tomb after my father death in 1997. Thanks bro. Thambi for all your favours showed on my family. Elias. Hyderabad

  6. Deepthi says:

    Hai Bhavani,
    Praise the Lord,
    Well done you did a great job. Thankyou for you hard work and wish Bro Joseph Thambi will be helping you in your future activites. Please keep praying for us also. Thankyou once again. good work

  7. Rita Boyapati says:

    Hi Bhavani, Well done. I just want to say a big thank you for building this site. I don’t know how to thank Brother Joseph Thambi Garu. With out his blessing I am no where. Through his blessing my both son’s finished their studies and working now. I am so blessed and will follow his foot steps which he tought to Claramma Garu and family. Thanks once again. Keep it up.

  8. manohar velangini vijay .bypa says:

    Hi bhavani,
    u did grate job,I’m searching for detial joseph thambi.I found him cause of u,u put close to so many people ,GOD put his will in u.

  9. sharmilee says:

    I am not in good health,can you please pray for my recovery and good health…Please I need your prayers.

  10. J R says:

    please bless my daughter who is appearing for BITSAT 2012 to score above 300 marks in that exam. I remember jesus christ words “Ask it shall be Given” and sure that with your blessing everything is possible.Please bless my business and investments to florish and my son to excel in his career and life. Bless all our family members with good health long life with peace and prosperity. Bless all those my family members who have left this world to be in heaven and all thier sins if any be pardoned. In the most powerful name Jesus christ i ask this… Amen

  11. ఆర్.కే says:

    బ్రదర్ జోసఫ్ తంబి గారి గురించి మరియు వారి మహిమలు గురించి తెలియ చేస్తునందుకు మీకు హృదయపూర్వక ధన్యవాదములు ..

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